Case Study: Western Power Case Study

Western Power Distribution owns and operates the electricity distribution systems in the East & West Midlands, South West of England and South Wales. The company employs 6,000 staff who are constantly maintaining, repairing and extending the network to serve over 7 million customers.

Western Power has its own dedicated training site in Taunton, where the majority of operational and technical staff training takes place. With a refurbishment planned for the site's catering facilities, Western Power turned to Dawsonrentals to provide them with temporary solutions that would enable them to maintain their full catering service to their staff.

Dawsonrentals Regional Sales Manager attended an initial meeting at the site to assess the project, and review the existing kitchen and equipment. A second site survey was also conducted with a Dawsonrentals Installations Manager to assess location specifics including layout, services, availability and suitability. Dawsonrentals then provided Western Power with a detailed quotation and technical drawings, enabling them to visualise the catering complex.

With the client's requirements met and the planning process finalised, an installation schedule was agreed upon. Dawsonrentals provided Western Power with a catering complex, fully equipped Commander temporary kitchen unit, alongside a Companion unit for use as a potwash. Dining facilities also had to be installed, fully furnished with chairs and tables, in the form of two 32ft cabins. Toilets were installed, as well as three separate modular stores for cold, frozen and dry storage. Western Power also required a servery area between the four temporary buildings. For this Dawsonrentals had to construct their biggest link to date on a project this size, allowing free-flowing access between the units.

Thanks to in-depth planning by Dawsonrentals skilled staff and effective co-operation between the two businesses, the installation process was carried out flawlessly, working within the budget and time frame set by the client.

Western Power Catering Complex




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