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Deliveroo Editions: Limiting Restaurant Growth?

Wednesday October 4th, 2017

As the launch of the Deliveroo Editions brand emerged from popular UK food delivery service Deliveroo earlier this year, restaurants and eateries have rapidly become more accessible for customers, 'putting an end to postcode food envy' in remote parts of central and greater London. 

With this meteoric rise, the 'Dark Kitchens' arm of Deliveroo was formed. This concept comprises of catering complex hubs provided by Deliveroo Editions, rented and operated by the individual restaurant and their catering team. Without customers darkening their door, there is no need for creating an expensive dining experience. This is proving to be a cost-effective means of producing high quality, pan-global menus ready to be delivered straight to the customer's front door.

However, Deliveroo are not the only food delivery platform in the industry but, of course, they will only allow meals produced in these facilities to be delivered via their service. With the likes of UberEATS, Just EAT, Hungry House and Amazon Restaurants also very popular, how do restaurants vastly expand their customer base into these areas and stay in complete control of their finances?

This is where our skill and consultative approach can enable such companies to expand their horizon. 

By working with Dawsongroup kitchens, who have over 30 years experience in portable kitchen catering, these businesses will not be limited to just one delivery platform in Deliveroo. The opportunities to work with the aforementioned services can be achieved effortlessly through offering restaurateurs a turnkey internal fit-out incorporating any of the client's existing equipment. All of which is supported by Dawsongroup's industry-leading service and maintenance team ensuring that maximum output is achieved. 

Dawsongroup kitchens pride themselves on building and maintaining lifelong relationships with clients, working with each one as they look to increase their market share, from 1 location to 100.   

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