Case Study: Northampton International Academy

Northampton Academy

Northampton County Council contacted Dawsongroup kitchens in regard to a major building project that was being undertaken at Northampton International Academy (NIA).

NIA had received funding from the Secretary of State for Education to provide much needed extra secondary school places for Northampton, and in particular those children living in the centre of the town. NIA has high aspirations and is committed to ensuring all pupils gain first class education. NIA is an all-inclusive, non-selective academy catering for 2,200 local students.

Both the Council and Academy realised that the large scale project had the potential to cause disruption to the catering schedule at the academy as they would need to stay fully operational throughout the works. This is when both parties decided to involve Dawsongroup.

Following an in-depth site survey by Sales Manager Tom Dawson, which identified numerous locations for a kitchen facility to be installed which would allow for the Academy to continue feeding over 2000 hungry students.

Based on our experience and service, the council, academy and catering company decided upon which facilities would be most suitable.

Once this was agreed, Dawsongroup produced scale CAD drawings of both the site and the equipment layouts. The following facilities were installed at the site in Northampton:

- 1 no. Production Kitchen

- 1 no. Prep Kitchen

- 1 no. Cold Store

All the facilities were able to be linked together within 2 weeks as the install had to be complete before the start of the new school term.

Northampton Academy Kitchen



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