Case Study: Chelmsford

Dawsongroup kitchens were approached earlier in the year in regard to a large scale project in Chelmsford. The job was on a large scale, complex and involved many stages of design and consultation. Three other companies pitched for the works. However, Dawsongroup were awarded the contract based on the grounds of our design, service and price. Dawsongroup were able to provide full project management throughout the entire scheme of work.

The client quickly made the decision to rent a new product from Dawsongroup kitchens, a fully bespoke 28ft Kitchen, for 3½ years. The Modular Kitchen granted the client complete control over their catering facility, as it ensures production, preparation and pot wash areas are all under the same roof. Two Crusader Kitchens were linked parallel to one another, creating a vast facility, with over 50m² of floor space. The Modular Kitchen would form the hub of the customer's tailoring catering facility.

In addition to the Modular Kitchen, the client recognised that they would have an ongoing basis and decided to purchase the following equipment from Dawsongroup kitchens:

1 x 10 pallet cold store

1 x 10 pallet freezer room

1 x 20ft dry store

1 x 20ft equipment store

Once the design was concluded, the works began to gather momentum. The first step was to install the correct services to the area. Furthermore, an LPG tank was installed which meant we could complete the pipework and commissioning.

Once the services were in place, the installation process could begin. Due to the magnitude of the project, the installation operation was split into two phases;

Phase 1 - Installation of units and completion of all external plumbing and electrical connections.

Phase 2 - Installation of the client's equipment, gas testing and training of staff.

Modular Kitchen Install

The fundamental step of phase 1 was to crane all the units into the correct position. Dawsongroup were on hand throughout the delivery to ensure the units were installed in the exact positions required. Once the units were correctly in place, our install team were then able to begin constructing the linking structure between the two production kitchens, creating a large open plan catering facility. .

Following a successful install of all the units, we were then able to begin phase 2 of the project. Phase 2 began with the install of the kitchen equipment that the client chose this included:

2 x 20 Grid Combination ovens

1 x 80L Bratt Pan

1 x 120L Bratt Pan

1 x 6 Burner

1 x Boiling Pan

2 x Lift Hood Dishwashers

1 x Under Counter Dishwasher

1 x Hobart Mixer

4 x Sinks

Once the kitchen equipment was installed, our team were then able to fully commission the refrigeration as well as feed lighting and power outlets into the dry stores. Once the commissioning was complete, we began training members of staff, so that they had an understanding of all the kitchen equipment installed and how to operate the variety of equipment and units installed at the site.


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