Case Study: Sainsbury's

RG Group are an independently owned construction company who have gained their reputation in the industry as retail specialists. Through their continued focus on clients, RG Group has established a portfolio of long term clients, including 20 year relationship with Sainsbury's.

Having worked together on numerous projects, RG Group approached Dawsonrentals to provide a temporary kitchen facility for their most recent project at Sainsbury's, Woking.

Dawsonrentals Sales Manager met with an RG Group representative on site, so to gain a better understanding of the complexity of installing the kitchen facility in the stores loading bay.  Specialist equipment was required to bring the kitchen to its final siting location under the large canopy, as there was a height restriction.  Dawsonrentals experience of installing a kitchen in an area with limited access proved invaluable and ensured that the process went off with the minimum of disruption.

The project comprised the decanting and refurbishment of the in store bakery. Whilst construction work was undertaken, Dawsonrentals provided the store with a 25ft temporary kitchen facility to enable continuation of the in-house bakery operation.

The kitchen facility was on site for 18 weeks and was occupied by the clients own convection ovens and wrapping stations.  By using their own equipment we were able to offer the customer increased savings on the rental and they didn't have to put the equipment in storage whilst the works were undertaken.

All kitchens supplied by Dawsonrentals have been designed to meet the requirements set by the Environmental Health Organisation (EHO).

RG Group


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