Case Study: Boughton Golf

Boughton Golf has soared to success in recent years and continued this when the owner decided to undertake a major redevelopment and extension of the current club house.  The extension was to extend the existing kitchen and function room in preparation for the development of the hotel. They required a temporary kitchen space to be able to continue serving customers at an extremely high standard whilst the extension was taking place so that they were able to proceed as usual and didn’t have to turn down any custom.

Dawsonrentals was able to assist with this major redevelopment by supplying a temporary kitchen as soon as requested. Using Dawsonrentals extremely diverse and extensive range of temporary kitchens, Boughton Golf was able to continue with their day to day operations at the same high standard whilst the extension was being built.

Dawsonrentals temporary kitchens provide tailored catering facilities for a range of industries. The solutions available are incredibly flexible and ideal for a number of requirements such as refurbishments, extensions, extra capacity and even as an emergency response if necessary.

Dawsonrentals was able to supply Boughton Golf with the temporary kitchen needed in order to get their extension finished without having to worry about having a kitchen that is out of service and being concerned that they would not be able to cater for all of its customers. Boughton Golf has been able to build a phenomenal extension that has expanded their operations and continued to add to the already huge success of the course, along with the help of Dawsonrentals temporary kitchens Ltd.

Below is a detailed diagram of the kitchen provided to Boughton Golf and a prime example of the types of kitchens that Dawsonrentals has to offer.

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