Case Study: Catering Design Group

CDG Goodenough College Temporary Kitchen

Catering Design Group are one of the UK's leading restaurant and commercial catering design companies. Dawsonrentals were approached by CDG to provide a temporary kitchen solution whilst their client, Goodenough College in London, underwent a complete refurbishment of their on-site catering facilities.

The refurbishment entailed the closure of London House at Goodenough College in order to modernise the infrastructure, whilst maintaining the historic features of the building. For the duration of the project, the catering provision was relocated to enable staff to continue catering to their exceptional standards for up to 700 students.

Relocation of the catering provision meant that a temporary kitchen facility was required to be sited at William Goodenough House. Geoff Kibblewhite, the Contracts Manager at CDG met with the Sales Manager at Dawsonrentals temporary kitchens Pucklechurch base to inspect and discuss equipment required by the catering staff.  Dawsonrentals welcome the opportunity for prospective clients to visit our premises to gain a better understanding of the range of options and facilities we are able to offer.  A full site survey was also carried out to identify access and location requirements.

Once we established a design that met the client's specification, detailed CAD drawings were presented to enable them to visualise where the facility would be situated on site and the equipment layout.

Upon agreement of the kitchen rental, we installed a fully electric catering facility with brand new, high quality internal cooking equipment. Extra sockets were also fitted to the kitchen externally, for the client to run supplementary equipment.

The kitchen had to be craned 80m over a building to its final siting position and is expected to be on hire for 52 weeks until project completion.

'I contacted many other companies but Dawsonrentals were more cost effective.'

Geoff Kibblewhite, CDG Contracts Manager.

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