Case Study: Olympic Park

Olympic Park Temporary Kitchen

Morrison Construction are one the UK's largest construction companies and conducted various site service roles at the London 2012 Olympic Games site. During their work at site the company needed a catering solution on-site for their 300 workers.

Catering company Dino's Café were tendering to provide the catering service for the workers at Morrison Construction and turned to Dawsonrentals for an effective catering solution. Having previously used one of our kitchen facilities at this site, Dino's Café knew the potential benefits a similar solution could offer.

Dawsonrentals worked closely with Dino's on a proposal demonstrating how they could provide a suitable catering solution to the workforce at Morrison Construction. Morrison had originally intended to build a kitchen area within an existing dining area onsite.

Dawsonrentals showed that by using a separate kitchen unit linked to the main dining area, space would in fact be created within the canteen facility. In addition all kitchen units supplied by Dawsonrentals have all the necessary health and safety features fully integrated, saving any additional costs in retro fitting a current building. This proved to be a more effective solution for both Morrison Construction and for the staff from Dino's.

A 16' Companion kitchen was specified for the job, though due to site restrictions all the catering equipment required needed to run on three-phase electric power. As every kitchen unit Dawsonrentals prepare begins as an empty shell, the catering equipment inside is tailored to each sites' specific demands ensuring these issues can be easily resolved.

Within the kitchen alongside a double basket fryer, hot plate range and upright freezer additional space was also allowed for preparation tables. In addition both an ambient and heated servery unit were supplied to allow food to be presented and served in a professional manner.

The temporary kitchen solution supplied by Dawsonrentals was used initially for twelve months until the beginning of the Olympic Games.

Further to the professional installation of this unit that was completed within one day, Dino's Café recommended Dawsonrentals to other companies working at the Olympic site enabling more workers to benefit from our integrated catering solutions.

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