Case Study: The University of Oxford

University of Oxford

Green College is a Graduate College of the University of Oxford and is dedicated to the needs of its nearly three hundred graduate students, who study various disciplines including medicine, health, education, welfare and the environment. The College has 50 Governing Body Fellows plus over 70 Fellows in other categories.

Meals are provided for graduates and fellows, and due to an amalgamation with another college, the management faced a challenge of planning for a significant increase in the volume of food production. As a result, major works to extend and refurbish the existing cooking facilities were estimated to last for approximately 6 months.

Dawsonrentals conducted an initial site survey and provided detailed diagrams and recommendations for the addition of temporary kitchen facilities to the existing site, whilst the refurbishment and expansion were carried out. Dawsonrentals worked closely with Green College to ensure that the graduates and fellows received the same standard of service and quality of food with minimal disruption to their normal routine.

This objective was successfully achieved with the installation of a Commander kitchen, a Companion pot wash unit and a preparation unit, accompanied with a chiller room, dry store and a portaloo. The Commander kitchen measured 7.6m x 2.9m x 3.0m, and incorporated a range of premium catering equipment including a six burner range, 20-grid combination oven, double basket fryer and a salamander grill. The size of the Companion unit is slightly smaller with interchangeable equipment to suit each requirement, in this instance fitted with dish washing equipment. The kitchen units comply with all required health and safety standards, each having been installed with a fully adjustable air extraction system and an automated Ansul fire suppression system.

To complete the installation we constructed an all-weather timber link with a side door from the temporary buildings to the main building entrance which enables the catering staff to silver serve without the need to expose the food to the elements.

'Helpful attitude, quick response and competitive price provided throughout this project are why we would choose to work with Dawsonrentals again. We are happy with the quality and installation of equipment as well as the ongoing support.'

G. Chambers, Oxford University Domestic Bursar

As with any successful installation, this project required a great degree of planning as subcontractors were involved in the final stages. A Dawsonrentals Project Manager was on site for the 3 day installation ensuring effective communication between all parties and the completion of each phase went through as planned.


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