Cold Storage 

Dawsonrentals portable cold rooms limited

Dawsonrentals also provide a comprehensive range of cold storage facilities, which can be utilised alongside temporary kitchens to create a fully functioning catering facility. They are ideal for storing large quantities of ingredients and ready to eat food.

Our modular cold rooms can be made completely bespoke to suit any space you may have, and can also be set to freeze. Limitless configurations enable our cold rooms to be designed to suit any requirement and can be linked to our kitchen facilities. The units can operate at chill, freeze and ambient temperatures.

Another solution we offer are our Inflatable Cold Stores, the most flexible storage facility on the market. It can be up and running in just 90 minutes, stores 16 pallets and can be sited on a range of surfaces, including grass. It can also be raised to allow unrestricted forklift access!

For more information on our cold storage solutions, please click here.



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